Sermon Series: Experiencing the Presence of Christ

Written by Krista Tjossem on Jan 24, 2018 in - No Comments

During Epiphany we are going to try something different. These 4 Sunday’s (January 21, January 28, February 4 and February 11) we’re going to be offering one worship service at 10 am. We will be having this worship service in the Fellowship Hall. Why you might ask. Well, we are having one worship service so that we all (the entire Murray Hills congregation) have the same worship experience. We are meeting in the Fellowship Hall so that we can talk to one another as part of our worship experience. The worship service will have all the same elements you would expect: Congregational singing, choir offerings, prayer, offering, communion, and a sermon. What will be a little different is the format of the sermons. Each week we will be talking about and practicing specific prayer practices including: Lectio Divina, Breath Prayer, Praying in Color, and the Prayer of Examen. We are not entering this experience lightly. Our dream is that through these worship services the entire congregation can have some tools to experience Christ for themselves. We dream that experiencing the presence of Christ becomes a more “normal” experience for us all. Yes, these 4 weeks will be different. But, they might also be fun. In the middle of winter, when there is more dark than light, let’s try something different.

January 21: Lectio Divina

January 28: Prayer of Examen

February 4: Breath Prayer

February 11: Praying in Color