Partnering with Chehalem Elementary School


Our church has partnered with Chehalem Elementary School, one of the Beaverton School District’s Title 1 school with many families in need.  In the last 3 years that we have partnered with them, we have been able to serve in various ways throughout the year:

Fall- Backpacks.  During VBS and throughout summer, we collect school supplies and new backpacks with the goal of filling 5 backpacks per grade with grade-specific school supplies.  In 2015, we were able to fill over 10 per grade!  Needless to say, it was a minivan FULL!!

Winter- Christmas Gifts and Food Boxes.  In 2015, we received a list of 18 families in desperate need of help for the Christmas holiday season.  Not only was every child in those families given a stocking to open Christmas morning, a book, and at least 2 gifts, but each adult received a pair of shoes and a blanket and the entire family received a game to play together.  Each family also received 2-3 boxes of food.  The caravan of 5 SUV’s, Minivans, and Pickup Trucks was awesome!

Spring/Summer: The Church Has Left The Building.  Needs vary from year to year on what Chehalem needs us to help with.  We begin at 9 am and work until 11.  Then we come back to the church for Worship and a short Worship time.  This year, Chehalem needs help with:  Spreading bark, weeding, cleaning the computer lab’s computers, reading the shelves, and fixing books.